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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

My Lutheran friend told me that we do not bless inanimate objects, only people — how do I defend sacramentals?

How do I answer someone who said that Benedict XVI’s resignation is part of a prophecy in which he is the second to the last pope?

How does the Church view “Thou shalt not kill” in terms of suicide?

I was married outside of the Church although I am Catholic, and later divorced — can I get an annulment without my ex-wife knowing, since she is mentally ill?

How do we reconcile the God of the Old Testament (who asked the people of Israel to kill) with the God of the New Testament?

Mary has the title “Mother of God,” but we never hear Joseph called the “Father of God” — do you think this reveals that there is a difference between motherhood and fatherhood? How is she the mother of God, without being the creator of God?

What is the basis for women not being allowed to be priests?

Since Jesus knew that he was going to be raised in three days, why was the Passion such a sacrifice?

If the Holy Spirit guides the papal election, why do they require a majority vote instead of a unanimous vote?

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