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Open Forum

Jim Blackburn answers:

Instead of saying the Nicene Creed at Mass on Sunday, our priest announced that we would say the Apostle’s Creed — is he allowed to change that?

Do you think we would all study Newman if it hadn’t been for the Apologia?

My wife and I are both in the process of getting our previous marriages annulled. I approached our priest about receiving the sacraments if we live as brother and sister, and he didn’t know what I was talking about — what do I do now?

How can we equate someone addressing the twelve tribes of Israel in James 1:1 to a spiritual Israel? What is the difference between a Judean and someone from the racial house of Judah?

How do I explain the ashes we put on our foreheads to my Protestant friends?

Is the priest required to kiss the altar at the beginning of Mass?

Is it a requirement that there is always a crucifix present at Mass?

How do I approach Protestants who say that the only thing I need is a relationship with Jesus?

Does the Church recognize the visions of Garabandal, Spain?

If you commit suicide, do you go to hell? If so, where is that in the Bible?

One of the extraordinary ministers at my parish allowed a couple to reach into the dish and pick up the host themselves — is this okay?

Is there any case in which a priest could say Mass in someone’s home?

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