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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

Jesus was perfect at the beginning and will be perfect, but what changes is humanity — can you expand on this idea?

Should we give any credence to the idea that scandals within the Church have contributed to Pope Benedict XVI’s exhaustion?

What was the state of the Church when the last pope resigned?

Has the Church made a statement on the Protestant video The Star of Bethlehem?

What is the Catholic Church’s stance on the Fatima prophecies?

Is it true that there are five cardinals who are being considered to succeed Pope Benedict XVI?

Is it true that Irenaeus claimed that Jesus was almost 50 years old when he died?

Did Pope Benedict XVI resign on February 10, which is the Byzantine celebration of the Day of Forgiveness?

Is it true that Georg Ratzinger was undermining the Holy Father?

I’m scheduled to give blood on Ash Wednesday — should I break my fast so that I can give blood?

Is there anything in Matthew 18:18 which separates the disciples’ abilities to loose and bind from the ability that Peter was given earlier?

Is there any possibility of having the conclave to elect the new pope before Benedict XVI’s resignation?

I heard on a radio show that Pope John Paul II made mistakes in choosing his cardinals and that the next pope should be someone who had nothing to do with Vatican II — should I be concerned that the Church is going to follow this way of thinking?

Our priest asked my daughter not to come back to CCD class because she is pregnant — how should we handle this situation?

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