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Church History Q&A

Steve Weidenkopf answers:

Why does the Church have such a hard time admitting that it has made errors, especially in its dealings with various governments over time?

Can you explain the relationship between the pre-Vatican II Mass and the extraordinary form? Would a pre-Vatican II missal still work for the extraordinary form?

How do I answer the claim that the Pharisees were not together as a unified group at Jesus’ time, and so his speaking to them could not be historically accurate?

Can you explain the Jewish church of Palestine’s influence on Syrian churches?

Is there any validity to the claim that a woman was once elected pope?

What information can you give me about Camino de Santiago and the saints who have traveled it?

Can you give any recommendations for learning more about the Essenes?

Will you confirm that even though some popes led sinful lives, the Holy Spirit would have led them when they made infallible statements?

Should we see the Spanish Inquisition as something that was completely corrupt?

Are there still Pharisees in the Church today?

A Protestant friend told me that St. Augustine didn’t believe in papal infallibility — is this true?

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