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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

In the Bible, they dedicated males by circumcision — how were females dedicated?

Does God control the weather?

How do I talk to my friend about contraception, when she says, “God knows my heart and knows that I’m a believer”?

What is the Catholic Church’s position on a man buying lingerie for his wife? Is it considered the sin of lust?

When is it okay to end a marriage after dealing with physical and mental abuse?

Could Jesus, Mary, and Joseph get sick since Jesus and Mary were sinless?

Can you be baptized twice?

What does the Church teach about the validity of the Gospel of Thomas?

Is abortion allowed if the child has no chance of surviving and the mother’s life is in danger?

How do I respond to my Eastern Orthodox friend who claims that the Catholic Church has fallen into heresy?

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