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Fr. Paul Keller answers:

Is Getting Started in Apologetics a good source for learning about my faith?

What is the meaning behind the chapel veil?

Is it okay that some priests say that immigration is more important than abortion when it comes to voting?

What is the Catholic teaching on pain and suffering?

Why do Protestants believe salvation happens instantaneously, while Catholics believe it is a lifelong endeavor?

What is the symbolism behind the crown of thorns?

Would Sirach 38 sufficiently describe the Catholic teaching on suffering?

Genesis 3:16 seems to portray God as cursing woman with the pain of childbirth — if this is true, why is it okay to take the pain away?

Is it necessary to formally forgive those who have wronged us?

A lot of people have told me that we don’t necessarily need to go to confession every year, including our deacon — what is the response to this?

What can I do to help my wife heal spiritually, especially since I have caused her pain in the past?

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