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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

What book would help me defend traditional marriage to a secularist?

Why doesn’t the Catholic Church emphasize the messages that come from our Blessed Mother? 

Did the apostles eat the true body and blood of Christ at the Last Supper? If so, how was he present with them literally at the table and literally in the Eucharist?

How do we know that the Catholic Church is the only true Church? Is it the conclusion of an argument or something we just have to have faith in?

What or who is the Whore of Babylon?

How should I approach somebody about the fact that the Knights of Columbus meeting place in my parish is not wheelchair accessible? 

Why don’t we give some of the people of the Old Testament, like Moses, the title, “Saint”?

How is Jesus three people in one?

Is there a book that will help me defend my faith against really tough questions?

Did St. Paul recognize and acknowledge the authority of St. Peter?

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