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Open Forum

Karl Keating answers:

Was Peter’s denial of Jesus apostasy, and could he have lost his eternal salvation? If so, wouldn’t that prove that sola fide is incorrect?

Why can’t a marriage be blessed if one of the spouses is not baptized?

Is a consecration invalid if the priest says the wrong words?

Can you give me ideas on how to evangelize cultures rooted in paganism?  

Why wouldn’t priests endorse a candidate during the election?

Does the Church teach that Jesus was aware of his divinity as an infant?

My first husband was previously married but not baptized, and I married and divorced him when I was Lutheran. I will be Catholic on Easter and am married to a Catholic — was my first husband’s first marriage valid? Do I need an annulment?

My brother and his wife haven’t had my niece baptized because they are not practicing Christians — was it right for my family member to tell them not to have her baptized?

Would NFP be suitable for a woman who has been advised by her doctor to not have any children?

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