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Open Forum

Mark Brumley answers:

Can you compare the Marian apparitions to the Transfiguration when the voice from heaven said to listen to Jesus?

Are extraordinary ministers allowed to finish consuming the blood of Christ?

When I argue with Protestants, they always say that the Catholic Church persecuted a bunch of people — what is the response to this?

My husband was blown away by Sunday’s sermon in his Pentecostal church, which was about Mary’s Immaculate Conception — where is this coming from?

What is meant in John 3:16? Does it carry the foundation for John 6 and the Eucharist?

My husband’s Catholic parents said they disagree with some of the Church’s teachings — what is our responsibility to his parents?

Can you reconcile Hebrews 5:9 with Hebrews 7:27?

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