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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

I’ve recently gotten out of prostitution and am trying to find my vocation — what Scripture do you recommend and what advice do you have?

I grew up without a mom, and I’ve recently become closer to the Blessed Mother — is there a certain prayer for people with an absent parent that I can pray?

My grandkids have to make their first Communion before their first reconciliation, and my kids and I are very upset about it — should we take them to a different parish?

My three-year-old granddaughter is being taken to the Mormon church by her grandmother — should I do anything about this? Can I, since my daughter doesn’t care?

Why is it that many priests can’t help us with spiritual issues and can only point to the rules of the Church?

The father of my son and I have big differences in our religious beliefs — how do I determine whether we are supposed to stay together or split up?

What did you mean when you said it is not possible to see the divinity of God the son?

I have a lot of hate for my brother who, I recently found out, molested my granddaughter — what can I do?

How do we deal with the sadness and depression so many of us feel about the Connecticut shooting?

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