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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

How do we know if certain miracles are professed to be true? Is there a database?

Why do we make the sign of the cross differently than Orthodox Christians?

Many people in nearby parishes remain standing after Communion — where does all this come from? Is it necessary?

Is eating meat on Friday still considered a venial or mortal sin?

Why are we now allowed to eat the things that Leviticus tells us not to?

In today’s Gospel reading, it says, “He had no relations with her until she bore a son” — why then do we believe that Mary remained a virgin?

In reference to Lumen Gentium 16, how many will be saved?

If someone goes through confession and it is imperfect contrition, does it cover mortal sins? How does it apply outside the confessional?

In my RCIA class, the nun said that she had permission to receive Communion in the Lutheran church — can we receive Communion in any Protestant church?

Do you know anything about the miracles that supposedly took place in Conyers, Georgia in the 1990s?

What is a good way to respond to those who say that gay marriage and abortion are not threats to peace?

I am looking for work in the Life Sciences Industry — when I turn down jobs that involve the use of embryonic stem cells, should I tell them why?

What is the fate of people who are not saved — eternal torture or annihilation?

Are Protestants allowed to take Communion in the Catholic Church?

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