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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

Is it okay to buy a product with a devil or skulls on it (such as a specific hot sauce or clothing brand)?

How do I delicately respond to a friend who asked me to be a surrogate mother for her?

I’m having difficulty in my marriage of 22 years, and my husband filed for divorce under the suggestion of his mother — what is your advice?

The sixth canon of the First Council of Nicea states that the pope has jurisdiction over Rome and some other territories — why does he now claim dominion over all Christian territories?

I often have to go to Mass in my work clothes — is that okay?

What resources do you recommend to defend the sign of the cross?

Should we be concerned about the desensitization of people to satanic symbols in our culture?

Why can’t Catholics be Masons?

My brother is getting married in a civil ceremony and asked me to officiate — is this sacrilegious?

Will last rites for a non-Catholic who has never had any of the other sacraments be valid?

What does the sign of the cross mean?

How can I go about talking to my Lutheran wife about religion without getting into a fight?

What are the chances that hell literally exists under the surface of the earth?

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