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Open Forum

Tom Nash

Tom Nash answers:

My brother is not practicing the Catholic faith and married a non-Catholic Christian — can I go to the baptism of their child?

Is it possible that the pope will pardon the butler from the Vatileaks scandal?

As a future doctor, what should I do about prescribing contraception?

Could you shed some light on the act of offering up Communion for someone?

The Vatican said that John 20:23 is evidence of the authority to forgive sins, but I heard a priest say that the Greek words mean, “forgiving groups of people” — are you familiar with this argument?

Why is Mary (rather than Jesus) referred to as “The Ark of the Covenant”?

Someone gave me the Roman Catholicism DVD from the Always Be Ready website — have you ever heard of it?

My 18-year-old daughter has decided that she no longer wants to be Catholic — what should I do?

Is it a requirement that we sing the responsorial psalm at Mass?

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