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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

Are there any rules about whether or not a Catholic can attend a baptism at an SSPX church? Can he be a godparent for a child whose parents belong to an SSPX church?

What is the meaning of 1 Timothy 1:18-20, in regard to turning away from someone instead of praying for him?

What is the earliest account of the type of Marian devotion that we have today?

What would happen if something that the pope said when he was supposed to be infallible contradicted Scripture?

What is the difference between a soul and a spirit? When we die, which one goes to heaven?

Why doesn’t the Western Church pay more attention to the East and our traditions?

If the Church teaches against cremation and spreading ashes, how are relics okay?

In Scripture, the Lord said “No person born of a woman is greater than John the Baptist” — how does this relate to our Marian traditions?

When people have relics of the real cross, what is the evidence that they are authentic?

St. Basil wrote, “An angel is put in charge of every believer, provided we don’t drive him out by sin” — what does, “Drive him out by sin,” mean? Do only believers get guardian angels?

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