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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

What is the best way to explain the priesthood to a non-Catholic?

I’m coming back to the Catholic Church, and my eleven year old daughter doesn’t want to have her First Communion — what should I do?

My 16-year-old niece wants to enter the Church, and her priest said she must wait to get baptized until her confirmation — is this a requirement?

If ground is consecrated, and someone moves the dirt, is it still consecrated?

Is it okay for an ordinary lay person to tell a priest or bishop, “God bless you”?

In defense of infant baptism, I told a non-Catholic that whole families used to be baptized. He answered that we can’t take silence in Scripture and do what we want with it — how should I respond?

Do people who die during the end times go to purgatory or straight to heaven or hell?

Was Jesus providing an intoxicant at the Wedding Feast at Cana and encouraging people to get drunk?

The cover of my Magnificat is made of vestments from parishes in Russia — is it true that they should not have been cut up?

How would you advise a recovering alcoholic in regard to receiving the Precious Blood?

The history textbook at my public school implies that the Church spread scandalous teachings during the Gregorian Revolution, such as “The pope’s name alone shall be spoken in the Churches” — is this accurate?

Many of the extraordinary ministers in my parish give blessings to non-Catholics in the Communion line — aren’t priests the only people who should do this?

St. Cyril of Jerusalem said, “Nothing should be taught without sacred Scripture,” and my friend responded, “The Faith is not taught, it’s caught” — what is your answer?

One of my confirmation students misses Mass regularly — should I allow him to be confirmed?

Can you explain the contradiction between the idea that the Blood of Christ still has the form of wine, and the Eucharistic miracles that proved to be the blood and flesh of the Lord?

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