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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

Are there requirements for being a spiritual director? 

Why do we focus so much on the rosary when we could pray directly to Jesus?

What are the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit? Why are they important?  

What are the norms specific to perpetual Eucharistic adoration?

Does a priest have to say Mass every day?

My sister has problems with her husband and comes to my family for help, but I feel hopeless because I can do nothing about it — how do I deal with this?

My granddaughter married a Baptist man in the Protestant church, and they divorced — is her marriage valid?

Why are 1 Peter and 2 Peter toward the end of the New Testament? Shouldn’t they be first because they were written by Peter?

How do we respond to Catholic universities that have pro-gay student clubs on campus?

My wife doesn’t receive the precious blood because she doesn’t want to drink from the same cup as everybody — why doesn’t the Church dip the host in the precious blood?

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