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Open Forum

Mark Brumley answers:

Revelation says that the dead shall rise when a trumpet is blown — how does this fit in with purgatory? 

What is the Church’s teaching on organ donation?

Is there any incorrect historical information in the Bible outside the deuterocanonical books?

Did the Catholic Church add books to the Bible, or did the King James Bible take books out?

How do I deal with a catechumen who sees the whole world through gender politics and is holding back from the Church because a female will never be pope and women cannot be priests?

Do the Harry Potter books pose any spiritual threat to their readers?

Is it true that Pope John XXIII wanted to make priestly celibacy optional?

My wife and I recently lost a child in miscarriage — are we being truthful in telling our children that the baby is in heaven?

Which Bible should I buy?

Didn’t Babylon defeat the Assyrians (meaning Nebuchadnezzar would have been the king of Assyria)?

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