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Fr. Paul Keller answers:

Should I attend the wedding of my niece whose fiancé was formerly married by a justice of the peace?

My cousin invited me to her Protestant revival group, and I want to ask them about abortion and gay marriage — how should I go about doing this?

When was limbo started? How long did it last? What happened to it?

I’m an extraordinary minister for a prison ministry — if a Protestant comes up for Communion, how should I handle it?

My husband and I were married by a justice of the peace forty years ago, and our priest said we would need witnesses if we were to marry in the Church — what should we do so that we don’t cause scandal?

Why is wisdom referred to as a female in the Old Testament?

Could a justice of the peace marriage be permissible if the couple lived together as brother and sister?

What happened to those who died before the Resurrection?

Is it a sin to go trick-or-treating?

Was the human nature of Christ created?

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