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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

In the evolution theory, when does the soul come into play?

What is the incentive for Catholics who know when they will die to live a holy life?

There is a family dispute as to whether my daughter should share a room with her boyfriend when we go on a cruise together — what should I do?

How does one become a chaplain?

To what point must someone honor his father or mother, if the parent does not give back mutual respect and understanding?

Is it sinful to masturbate if the purpose is fertility treatment?

A young woman is pregnant by my son, and she now has no place to go — should she stay with us? If so, should she stay in the same room as my son? 

My son is not taking his confirmation classes seriously, and his teachers suggest that he not be confirmed right now — what should I do?

How can my daughter be involved in college ministry?

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