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Fr. John Trigilio answers:

Why do we sometimes say “A-men” and sometimes say “Ah-men”?

I’m looking to join RCIA, but I have a previous marriage that is keeping me from joining the Church — what should I do?

In the Bible, Jesus says not to call any man father — why do we call priests “father”?

What would convince someone to join the Catholic Church over the Eastern Orthodox church?

Am I damned for taking the Eucharist without having been to confession in twenty years?

In today’s Gospel reading, why does the man say “My children and I are in bed” without mention of the wife? Does this mean that he and his wife are one?

Regarding St. Paul’s mention of the third heaven, what how many heavens were there? Can you explain first century Jewish cosmology? 

At Mass today, the priest sat down and allowed the extraordinary ministers to distribute Communion — was this okay?

Is the word “Yahweh” still acceptable for Catholics to use?

What is our relationship to the Old Catholic Church?

How do we separate the divinity from the humanity of Christ? Why did Jesus have to pray? 

Why does the Church have an annulment process? What would be an impediment to a valid marriage?

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