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Pro-Life Open Forum

Dr. George Delgado answers:

What is your stance on abortion if the parent is unfit to raise the child?

What happens when physician assisted suicide fails? What do pro-euthanasia advocates have to say about this?

What is the Catholic position on hospice care in which the patients are not kept on life support?

I’ve noticed depression and thoughts of suicide among elderly people — can this be caused by their medication?

Can you comment on the difference between abortion and the death penalty, since they are sometimes equated?

What is the recommendation for someone who is prescribed the birth control pill because of painful menstrual cramps?

If a pregnancy endangers the life of the mother, and an abortion would save her life, would removal of the fetus still be immoral?

Can you give people advice on where they can find out more about the abortion procedure and see how horrific it actually is?

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