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Open Forum

Jim Blackburn answers:

What is the correct way to say God’s name?

When the question of divorce is put to Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel he says “except if the marriage is unlawful” — how do I explain to Protestants that this does not mean anyone can get divorced?

Last Sunday, my priest said that the most important issue when voting is helping the poor, and I left before Communion — was it my place to judge whether he was right? Should I have stayed?

Do we know whether or not Judas is in hell? Does the Church pray for him?

Many years ago, I was molested by a psychiatrist and had his child. I went to confession, but I still don’t feel forgiven — how do I begin to feel forgiven?

If someone is divorced and has received an annulment, can he be an extraordinary minister?

In Genesis, when God says “I will put enmity between her offspring and yours,” what offspring of Satan is he referring to?

Why does the Catholic Church allow pro-abortion politicians to receive the Eucharist?

In the Apostle’s Creed, why do we say that Jesus descended to hell even though he was sinless, while some sinners go to purgatory?

I’ve been to confession many times for my sexual addiction — is there any chance of being healed from it? Am I ever allowed to receive Communion?

When we say the Glory Be, what do we mean by, “world without end”?

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