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Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

What do you do with a broken rosary that cannot be repaired?

Is Bishop Mellitus of Antioch from the 4th Century considered a saint, even though he was a bishop in opposition to the bishop that the pope recognized?

I’m spending the weekend with my children who no longer attend Church and are very negative toward Catholicism — how do I talk to them about this?

Is it a sin to give a ride to someone who is cohabiting with his girlfriend and to take him back to his house?

I’m a divorced and remarried Catholic — what is the purpose of going to Mass since I can’t receive the Eucharist? Can I still receive God’s grace?

The prophet Daniel had a vision of the Son of Man — can we connect this to our prayer life when we want to have a vision of our heavenly Father?

Is waiting to pay back debt a legitimate reason to postpone pregnancy?

What causes so many Catholics to turn to non-denominational churches? How can we bring them back?

What would be the best way to approach evangelization of Muslims?

Are there any Catholic documents that explain why children of annulled marriages are still considered legitimate?

What conditions, besides divorce and remarriage, would keep a member of the Church from receiving Communion? Does this apply to any sacraments besides Communion?

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