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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

What is the Church’s teaching on Allah?

Is it true that some of the old Stations of the Cross are not scripturally accurate?

What do I say to people who question the Church for changing the rule about eating meat on Friday?

As an Orthodox Christian, can I take part in the Eucharist at a Catholic Mass?

As part of my job, I have to dispense medication that causes abortions — what should I do?

Can my mother who is a Quaker get to heaven?

How do I discern the will of God better?

How do I go about expressing to a Methodist church that their offering of communion in an open-air setting at a community event is offensive?

How do I choose a spiritual director?

Some of the 7th graders in my catechism class are asking about born-again Christians — what is the best way to answer their questions?

What should I tell a 7th grader who asks what happens to children who die before baptism?

My Jehovah’s Witness family member wants to baptize her disabled child Catholic — can she do so, since the child is very sick?

How do we reconcile free will with demonic possession?

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