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Open Forum

Patrick Madrid answers:

Why does the Catholic Church have a priesthood that copies the priesthoods of the ancient world?

Why does the hierarchy in the Church wear pagan symbols?

What is the Church’s position on the Q theory? 

Has the Church ever taken a position on the author of the Letter to the Hebrews?

When I came into the Church, I disagreed with the teaching on artificial contraception — did that invalidate my baptism or confirmation?

As Catholic voters, how should we decide between a candidate who wants to take care of the poor and ignore life issues, and a candidate who is pro-life and ignores the poor?

1 Timothy 4 says that during the end times they will forbid marriage and certain foods — what are your comments on this passage?

What does the Catholic Church teach about the early life of Christ?

When Archbishop Dolan gave the blessing at the Democratic Convention, why didn’t he say that life is precious from conception?

Why do Catholic crucifixes include a loin cloth? How do I respond to a Protestant who says that this hides the shame of the cross?

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