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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

My friend has been very stressed because his boss bullies him — what advice can I give him?

My son recently came out as homosexual, and several Catholics have since given me literature on how to be a same-sex marriage advocate — how should I respond to this?

How can we tell whether Catholics or Orthodox Christians have the truth?

How do we deal with apathy among our fellow Catholics?

The priest at my parish said I don’t need to have an annulment, but I am concerned that I am now taking the sacraments unworthily — what do I need to do to rectify the situation?

My divorce was the biggest mistake of my life — how do I forgive myself?

My friend would like to enter the Church, but he was told that he would have to get an annulment first — is this true?

My friend’s girlfriend had an abortion a long time ago, and our other friends joke about it — how should I approach them?

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