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Bioethics for the Rest of Us

Fr. Tad Pacholczyk answers:

Is there anything that can be done on a national level to teach high school students about life issues?

What is the Church’s teaching on abortion in the case of an ectopic pregnancy?

If a woman takes birth control for a medical reason, can she continue to take it after she marries?

The doctors left me to decide whether to take my sister off of her ventilator, and she took one last breath after they turned it off — did I do the right thing?

Does the criteria of brain death satisfy the admonition that the loss of a single organ does not constitute death as Catholics understand it? Why is an anencephalic child not eligible to donate organs?

Do you know anything about research being done in Europe for the treatment of diabetes with adult stem cells?

I’ve always understood that you can’t harvest someone’s heart, because you would have to kill them to do so — is this true?


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