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Q&A Open Forum

Patrick Madrid answers:

Can the congregation remain standing during Communion?

My daughter’s Catholic school teacher told her that Noah could not have lived for 950 years and that God could not create the world in six days — what should I say to the teacher?

When did baptism start?

I read that Pope Benedict XVI participated in a Muslim service in a mosque — how is a Catholic supposed to respond to this? 

Can you clarify why a priest would sit down and allow the deacon to distribute Communion?

Why don’t more Catholics believe when they have the fullness of truth staring them in the face?

I work for a company that has purchased some secular hospitals — if abortions are performed in the hospitals, do I need to find a different job?

Is there a rubric about the direction in which the priest is supposed to move when distributing Holy Communion?

Are people good, but just do bad things; or are we sinful, but work toward doing good things?

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