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Q&A Open Forum

Jim Blackburn answers:

Can women be ordained as deacons?

Is performing miracles and healing people in line with Catholic teaching?

If we confess one sin and are aware of other sins at the time, can we confess those sins later to another priest?

Is it’s true that St. Christopher was from Armenia and called Cratylus before Christ called him Christopher? What information can you give me on the background of St. Christopher?

Once we are forgiven for our sins in confession, do we still have to go through punishment for those sins after death?

Why don’t they use DNA to knock-down Roe v. Wade and show that a fetus is a separate human being from its mother?

What is the difference between being raised from the dead and resuscitation?

If Catholicism is the true Church of Jesus Christ, how does James White, or a man of his caliber, fail to understand it?

Isn’t telling someone that they cannot attend the wedding of a divorced person contradictory to the idea that we are not supposed to judge? 

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