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Q&A Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

Why is the Confiteor in the St. Joseph Daily Missal from 1957 so different from the one we say today?

Does John 10:16 work as a proof text for the one true Church and for Peter as the vicar?

What is the Catholic teaching on the suffering of infants and young children?

Was the doctrine of purgatory ever challenged before the 16th Century?

Did Mary actually die, or did she simply fall asleep? Why did the apostles believe that she died?

Why is more Latin being used in the Novus Ordo Mass? Do you think this is good or disheartening for those who don’t understand?

Was the Catholic Church or the Orthodox church the first Church established by Christ?

How do I explain to my friend, who recently watched The Secret, what could possibly be wrong with the power of positive thinking?

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