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Q&A Open Forum

Karl Keating answers:

Why were the Church fathers so adamant about the Catholic Church’s role in salvation?

If God is outside of time and space, why weren’t the people from the Old Testament in heaven before Jesus died?

If I don’t feel that my priest serves the parish properly, do I have a valid reason to switch parishes?

I am a long-haul truck driver and have to be on the road all day — what are the Church’s rules about observing the solemnity of the Assumption in these circumstances?

What is the difference between adoring Jesus in the tabernacle and adoring him in the monstrance?

Can Freemasons be Catholic and receive all of the sacraments?

What has been the main focus of Pope Benedict XVI’s papacy?

How do we know that Catholicism is the one true religion, since they all claim to be the one true religion?

I’m an RCIA sponsor for someone who now says he’s been saved and has joined a different church — what should I do?

Is it okay to have doubts about God and how we were created?

My wife went through RCIA, but still doesn’t “get it” and gets bored in Mass — how can I evangelize her?

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