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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

Do you have any advice for me as I fulfill my role as a godfather to a convert from Islam?

Is it okay for priests to help in paranormal TV shows?

Can you talk about mortal sin and the question of culpability for someone who is caught up in pornography?

An ex-Dominican friar is a chaplain at the hospice where I work — is he still able to administer the sacrament of last rites?

Is there such thing as a female Catholic deacon?

My wife and I are going in different directions with our faith and want to attend two different parishes — what should we do?

What do I need to do in order to give away a plenary indulgence to someone who is in purgatory?

What books are most useful for someone wanting to deepen his faith?

My Catholic nephew just came out as a homosexual — what should I do to help him at this time?

My mother and some other relatives have passed away recently — how can I get past my anger with God over this?

How long do we need to fast before Mass?

How do I find a good spiritual director? 

Where should I go for more information about Dominican spirituality?

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