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Q&A Open Forum

Tim Staples answers:

Why does the priest no longer make the sign of the cross immediately after the Penitential Rite?

If I knowingly recognize that a candidate is pro-abortion, is it a sin to vote for him or her?

Fr. Paul Keller answers:

When we pray the rosary, why do we repeat the same prayer over and over?

How do I approach the Lutheran minister Jeffrey Butz, who will be speaking in my diocese soon?

Can I vote for a candidate who is in favor of the death penalty?

While leading a Eucharistic service, is there anything that a layperson is not supposed to say (which would normally be said at Mass)?

Are the Luminous Mysteries an official part of the rosary?

Should we take a stand against same-sex marriage politically or just morally?

Regarding today’s Gospel reading about the wheat and the weeds, what do we do if a “weed” is influencing one of our children?

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