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Q&A Open Forum

Jimmy Akin

Jimmy Akin answers:

How do we evangelize people who didn’t have the good family life that Jesus had?

How do you respond to an anti-Christian who mocks the Bible in defense of gay marriage, claiming that the Biblical definition of marriage is that a woman is a man’s property?

Are the faithful required to believe in Marian dogmas?

When Jesus sent the disciples out in Acts 1, was this a foreshadowing of the sacrament of confirmation?

Where can I find some Spanish resources for evangelizing?

Why do we cross ourselves? Why do Orthodox Christians do this differently?

How do you deal with anti-Catholic comments on Catholic blogs, like the National Catholic Register? Should we bother to respond to such comments?

What does Paul mean in Romans 9, when he talks about the vessels prepared for destruction and for honor?

Why did the Catholic Church find it necessary to dogmatically define the Immaculate Conception?

How does God view the schism between Catholics and Protestants? 

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