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Q&A Open Forum

Karl Keating answers:

Why do some Catholic Churches have pictures of animals, such as a bear holding a Bible?

How does the Church view mediums who claim to be devout Catholics?

How do I get back into the Catholic Church, since I was married outside the Church?

Regarding Genesis 6:4, what are the Nephilim?

Have you read Catholics and Evangelicals by Norman Geisler?  

What are your thoughts on the idea that Noah was not an actual person?

My wife cheated on me and we are now divorced — is it possible for me to become a Catholic priest?

In the New Testament, Jesus says it’s not where we worship, but how we worship — how does this fit in with all the little restrictions in the Catholic Church?

From a theological perspective, are the authors Michael Moorehead, Sister Joan Chittister, and Barbara Marx Hubbard dissenting Catholics?

Can non-Catholics believe in the Real Presence? If not, how do I explain it to them?

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