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Q&A Open Forum

Patrick Madrid answers:

Am I culpable for sin if I work for a hospital that does IVF?

Is scattering the ashes of a cremated body wrong?

What is sedevacantism?

A friend of mine married outside the Church, never sought an annulment, and remarried, but a priest told him it was okay — would that mitigate his sin?

I am going to be deployed, and will be in a position where I might have to kill someone — what is the Church’s teaching on this? What about in the case of self-defense?

How widespread is Masonic affiliation in the Catholic Church and in America? Do you think this will have an effect on the upcoming election?

My wife took my six-year-old son out of state–how can I provide him with Catholic formation?

Would it be un-Catholic to say that the Holy Spirit has moved among Protestants?

Do you think that Opus Dei is a valid secret society within the Catholic Church?

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