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Q&A Open Forum

Mark Brumley answers:

How do we answer Protestants who argue that babies should not be baptized because they cannot repent?

Can you explain predestination as revealed to St. Dominic by the Blessed Mother?

What is the Church’s standpoint on mythicizing the stories of Adam and Eve, Jonah, and Noah?

Did they canonize the Virgin Mary?

How do we know if we have blasphemed the Holy Spirit? If we do, when will we be judged for this?

Do Catholics believe that Jesus and Satan were brothers?

What are the three beads that come after the crucifix on the rosary?

How do we justify that someone can go to hell for all of eternity because he had a lapse of judgment on his deathbed?

When you pray for something, do you have to believe it is going to happen?

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