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Q&A Open Forum

Jimmy Akin answers:

Can you recommend some resources that will help explain why same-sex marriage is wrong to someone who is not religious?

What is the likelihood that facts were distorted between the time that Christ died and the time that the New Testament was written?

Is it appropriate for a bishop to drive a luxury car?

If I am in a state of sin, can I pray that others’ sins will be forgiven?

The Church says that we can’t provide coverage of contraception, but isn’t this the same as giving someone a paycheck with which he or she can purchase contraception?

What would a person who is about to die need to do to be saved?

Based on Thomas Aquinas’ theory on grace, does God love some people more than others?

Could you clarify St. Paul’s statement that Jesus is the only intercessor between us and God?

Where is the conclusion that we are being forced to pay for contraception coming from?

What happened to the demons that were sent into the swine herd? 

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