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Q&A Open Forum

Fr. Joseph Fessio answers:

If my daughter gets married in a civil ceremony outside the Church, can she still receive Communion?

To me, it seems that the Catholic Church walks on eggshells, and Catholics fear that if you make a mistake, you will go to hell — can you offer any insight into this idea?

As a wedding planner, am I going against my faith by planning a non-religious ceremony?

Is there any legitimate basis to the claim that the Catholic Church rewrote history, and that Mary Magdalen was actually an apostle?

Is it possible for my nephew to marry an atheist in the Church?

Regarding A Contemporary Adult Guide to Conscience by Fr. Richard Rego, does tormenting people include self-inflicted torment? How do I deal with the fact that I repeatedly sin, even though Jesus said to sin no more?

What is the scientific evidence behind the validity of the incorruptible saints?

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