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Mother Miriam answers:

What is the Catholic belief about the end of times?

Is the statement “Elijah went up to heaven in a whirlwind” similar to the Assumption of Mary?

My 32-year-old granddaughter is marrying a Jewish man with a rabbi and no priest — what should I say to her?

I’m fighting cancer, and I’ve had the sacrament of the sick twice — is there any way I can get it again?

Are there any groups which prepare students to take missionary trips?

What is the difference between allowing my kids to read the Narnia books and allowing them to read the Harry Potter books?

I found out that my husband and I can’t have children — is it okay to not have children? What will my role be now?

My mother received the anointing of the sick a week ago and now she is in a coma — is she in a state of grace?

A Freemason told me that Pope John XXIII excommunicated them and that he wrote an encyclical about it — is this true?

What prayer do I pray for my brother who wasn’t religious and passed away two weeks ago?

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