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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

How can I integrate meditation into my spiritual life?

I’m a new convert — how do I choose a good parish?

My brother-in-law died today and my daughter might have cancer — how can I pray for them, and what should I pray for?

My father sexually abused me when I was young, and I rarely visit my family, but I would like to see them now that my parents are sick — what should I do?

My friend is fighting cancer and found out she has one year to live — how should I advise her about the treatment she should accept?

My brother has severe body burns and psychological problems — how can I help him to get spiritual counseling?

I was told that in order to receive Communion I have to separate from my husband because he was previously married — can you offer some advice?

Can we blame God when there is a lot of tragedy in our lives?

I feel uncomfortable going to Mass because of the whole pedophilia scandal — what are your thoughts on this?

I was married, but I wasn’t Christian at the time — does the Church recognize my marriage?

My oldest daughter seems to have psychological problems because her husband raped her sister, and now she has turned on me — what is your advice?

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