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Pro-Life Open Forum

Stephanie Gray answers:

Has anyone ever thought of redefining the word “abortion” since it is 100% murder?

What is the big picture behind the culture of death?

Many people mention that they are pro-choice but not pro-abortion — how do we refute this?

Can you discuss the campaign for human development?

Have you seen the movie 180?

Why couldn’t Roe v. Wade be stopped when DNA makes it clear that life begins at the moment of conception?

Would it be helpful to have a radio broadcast coordinate with protesters outside of an abortion clinic?

What is my moral duty if I live in a province where abortion is tax-funded?

Shouldn’t we have more pro-life advertisements in the secular media?

Should we approach our bishops about pro-life evangelization?

Why do we say “pro-choice” and not “pro-death?”

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