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Q&A Open Forum

Tim Staples answers:

Do we have proof of the deuterocanonical books in Bibles that date back to the first millennium?

Do you know anything about early Christians being referred to as the way?

What is the appropriate step to take if you are not sure whether someone is mentally ill or under demonic possession?

Is John 6:53 in any way related to the foolish virgins?

Where does the Church stand on tattoos?

After the Visitation, it says that Elizabeth went into seclusion for five months — what does this mean?

Was Aaron rebuked after he fashioned the golden calf?

What are your thoughts on the integration of psychology and theology when it comes to debates about sola scriptura?

When was St. Joan of Arc’s feast day taken off of the liturgical calendar?

What is the difference between the gift of the Holy Spirit in Scripture and the gift of the Holy Spirit in confirmation?

Why do we have to go to confession?

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