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Church History Q&A

Christopher Check answers:

Do we consider Pope Honorius as fallen from the seat of Peter?

What is your opinion of Thomas E. Woods, Jr.’s How the Catholic Church Built Western Civilization?

After Rome was sacked by the barbarians and the pope left, when did the Church decide to come back? How did they decide on the western pope instead of the eastern pope?

Do we know what happened to the son of St. Augustine?

The History Channel seems to imply that there were two Catholic Churches (traditional and gnostic) until Constantine decide to pick the traditional Church — what are your thoughts on this?

Regarding Papal Sin by Garry Wills — can you comment on his claim that Pius IX was a corrupt pope?

Why didn’t the Gospels writers or any members of the early Church sit down with Mary and write about Jesus’ early life?

Could you explain the inquisition?

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