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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

Can someone have two godfathers?

Someone from my prayer group prays for the conversion of fallen angels, and I’m worried that this will affect my own spiritual well-being — what is your advice?

A woman told me that she thought her dead father could see everything she did — was I right in telling her that he cannot?

What does it mean for my daughter that her godfather is Protestant?

Was Satan jealous that he wasn’t chosen to be the Savior?

How do we know that Jesus taught from the Septuagint?

What is the Church’s stance on cremation?

My wife and I recently had our marriage convalidated, but we didn’t receive any documentation — do we need to ask the priest for paperwork?

My friend wants me to be the godmother of her newborn, and I live with my fiancé — would it be okay for me to accept?

My ex-wife, who is into the New Age movement, asked me about the Akashack Records — what should I say to her?

Where does the Church stand on Kathleen Sebelius? How do I explain to my children why the Church just allows these politicians to continue what they do?

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