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Pro-Life Open Forum

Fr. Peter West answers:

Is the idea that bishops covered up the priest abuse scandals part of the reason that many people are not listening to the bishops?

Our youth are being told that having children is not a priority people should focus on: how do we address this challenge to the pro-life movement?

Why haven’t we been emphasizing sexual responsibility versus women’s rights?

How do I counter my friend’s argument that the condemnation of the health care policy is politically motivated (especially since the Church hasn’t spoken out against other matters, like same-sex marriage)?

When did Protestants separate from us on pro-life issues?

Why is everyone ignoring the Scott and Laci Peterson case, where he was charged with the murder of their unborn baby?

I am an aspirant of a religious order — how can I find out which orders of women religious have taken a stand against the HHS Mandate?

How do you answer someone who doesn’t think contraception is a sin, because St. Thomas taught that the soul doesn’t enter the body until the third month?

How do you explain the instances in the Bible where God kills children or commands people to kill children?

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