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Mother Miriam answers:

What is the Church’s official stance on the modern warning of a worldwide illumination of conscience and three days of darkness?

I had children outside of marriage, and my children live with their father. Now I am feeling judged — what is your advice?

How can I have more faith and overcome frequent doubting?

I found a silver goblet with Jewish symbols on it — do you know what it might be?

Do you have any advice for talking to secular Jewish friends who are interested in confession?

I plan to attend the wedding of a non-Catholic relative (the groom is from an atheist background) — as I gather more information about the event, what should I look out for?

When you feel called to a vocation, but aren’t sure that it is what God wants, what signs should you look for?

If the Old Covenant was fabricated, do people of the Old Covenant need to convert?

What is the most concrete answer to my brother’s question “why are you Catholic?”

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