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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

Do priests have any leeway in how they say the Mass?

How do I respond to someone who claims that the Vatican gave her family official pardon from purgatory because so many of her family members were priests and nuns?

Where did the story of Judas throwing 30 pieces of silver in the temple come from?

Is it okay that my Church doesn’t ring the bells during the consecration?

What does the Church teach about Judas feeling guilt and hanging himself — did he have any chance for redemption?

Why did Jesus refer to Satan as the prince of this world, if the world belongs to God?

Can you give me more information about the significance of Mary?

Are plenary indulgences still valid?

How do Catholics recognize Mohammed?

Why doesn’t the Nicene Creed say that Jesus descended into hell?

Can good people who are not Catholic get to heaven?

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