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Mother Miriam answers:

If a couple has children, how could their marriage be annulled?

My husband is considering a vasectomy against my wishes — what is your advice?

Should I let kneeling while receiving Communion affect my decision in choosing what religious order to join?

How can we combat cafeteria Catholicism?

Do you know anything about God the Father, God the Son, and Mary appearing to a woman in Europe about the Second Coming?

Is it ever okay to watch movies that contain blasphemy?

My ex-wife is doing everything she can to lead my kids away from the Catholic Church — what is your advice? 

After I had my tubes tied, my priest told me that he wouldn’t have tried to change my mind — do I need to switch parishes?

What are your thoughts on the sacrifices we should make in order to keep our children in Catholic schools? 

How do I overcome hurt and begin to forgive my family for the things they have done?

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