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The Chaplain Is In

Fr. Vincent Serpa answers:

What kinds of meals should we be having on Holy Saturday and Palm Sunday?

Regarding the Scripture story that describes God as a jealous God — how do I explain to my daughter that he was not sinning?

Morally, what does one do about working under the table and not paying taxes? 

Do we have a right to be angry?

How do I go about becoming a Third Order Dominican?

I’m getting married next month, and many fallen-away Catholics are attending — how can I appropriately use my wedding as an evangelization tool?

A deacon at my parish mentioned that some people interpret the feeding of the 4,000 as a story about sharing — is it heresy for him to bring this up in his homily? Is it heresy for somebody to say that voting on the HHS Mandate is up to our own conscience?

Why does Jesus seem confused about his parents’ worry when they find him in the temple? (This seems like a lack of insight to me.)

I’ve been legally divorced for three years — am I allowed to date without getting an annulment?

What is the Catholic perspective on infant baptism, and where does it come from?

Where do we draw the line as far as shopping at businesses that support Planned Parenthood? How far do we have to go to avoid it?

Is it a waste of time to learn things like guitar and tennis? Do these skills become part of our soul, or are they only for earthly gain?

My Protestant father-in-law is dying — can he still go to heaven even though he will not receive last rites?

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